Our goal at Custom Fitness Solutions is to not compete as a “regular health club facility, or a gym” because we have seen that these types of facilities offer little in the way of results, especially for those who are just beginning on their health and wellness journey. Instead, we work diligently to be a highly personalized, customer-service driven facility that is focused on helping all of our clients achieve their goals whether that be with weigh loss, muscle building or a steady diet plan. We are not a "gym" or "health club". We are more closely focused on health and wellness.


By working with you on a personal, individual level, we get to know you, your goals, and your needs so that we can plan, coach and help you execute our scientifically-based programs which are tailored just for you, working with the habits you already have in place and gradually improving your nutrition, exercise regime and lifestyle. With frequent follow-ups, we are able to keep you accountable, ensuring that you are always aware of what you should be doing in order to succeed.


We pride ourselves on hiring only certified personal trainers in an attempt to eliminate unprofessional advice, which is commonly found at other gyms, or health clubs. This, in combination with our collaboration of other select health care providers, such as MD’s and DC’s, we are able to provide our clients with profound Custom Fitness Solutions which provide real and ever-lasting results.


Highly personalized and effective services all in one convenient location, we are a revolutionary personal training studio in the Cookeville area that provides you with exactly what you need to succeed—with your health, with your fitness, and with your life.


Stop by our innovative facility to see the difference for yourself, and transform your lifestyle today.